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  • Big data processing enables worldwide bacterial analysis

    Sequencing data from biological samples such as the skin, intestinal tissues, or soil and water are usually archived in public databases.

    This allows researchers from all over the globe to access them. However, this has led to the creation of extremely large quantities of data. To be able to explore all these data, new evaluation methods are necessary.

    Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (Germany) have developed a bioinformatics tool which allows to search all bacterial sequences in databases in just a few...

  • What is calibration verification and why is it important?

    Calibration verification or linearity assessment is becoming a fundamental element for laboratories in the US who have access to instrumentation used in the running of patient samples.

    Linearity is the ability to provide results that are directly proportional to the concentration of the analyte in the test sample. CLIA defines this as the assaying of materials of known concentrations in the same manner as a patient sample to verify the instruments linearity throughout the reportable range.

    By performing calibration verification a lab is assessing...