Africa Health Exhibition & Congress

Africa Health to drive change in healthcare industry

Don’t miss out on Africa’s largest healthcare exhibition, which is a leading platform for healthcare professionals and medical experts across Africa to collaborate and share insights to addressing the continent’s specific healthcare needs. (more…)

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Scientists identify bacteria mutations driving high level antibiotic resistance

Genetic mutations drive antibiotic resistance

Scientists from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have identified novel mutations in bacteria that promote the evolution of high-level antibiotic resistance. (more…)

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Health and safety in the laboratory

Laboratory hazards and risks

Vince McLeod is an industrial hygienist certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, and the Senior Industrial Hygienist in the University of Florida’s Environmental Health and Safety Division.

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3D printing in medicine

3D-printing – the next revolution in medicine

There are many ways that 3D printers have changed the way the world does things. Applications include rapid prototyping, architectural scale models and maquettes, 3D printed prosthetics and printing with human tissue, as well as film props in entertainment. (more…)

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By 2025 scientists will know how much nuclear fuel and radioactive power remain inside the earth

Scientists to calculate amount of fuel inside earth by 2025

According to researchers at the University of Maryland, “Earth requires fuel to drive plate tectonics, volcanoes, and its magnetic field. Like a hybrid car, Earth taps two sources of energy to run its engine: primordial energy from assembling the planet and nuclear energy from the heat produced during natural radioactive decay. Scientists have developed numerous […]

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Calibration verification or linearity assessment

What is calibration verification and why is it important?

Calibration verification or linearity assessment is becoming a fundamental element for laboratories in the US who have access to instrumentation used in the running of patient samples. (more…)

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gases and gas supply equipment

Southern Africa’s leading supplier of medical gases

Afrox is a member of the global Linde Group, backed by more than 80 years of expertise, reliability and cutting-edge technologies and research. (more…)

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Randox unveils future of diagnostics technology

The future of diagnostic healthcare has been unveiled at the Randox Science Park in Antrim (Northern Ireland) at the company’s annual global distributors’ conference. (more…)

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Sunskill Lab opens at Stellenbosch University

Metronic invests millions in healthcare training

A long-term collaboration between Stellenbosch University (SU) and global medical technology corporation, Medtronic, has yielded an investment in excess of R120m into healthcare training and education in SA. (more…)

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First DNA sequenced in space

NASA astronaut Kate Rubins has become the first ever person to successfully sequence DNA in space. Kate was aboard the International Space Station (ISS) when she carried out this procedure using the Biomolecule Sequencer. The success of her DNA sequencing in microgravity could have a large impact on future missions to space. Virologist turned astronaut […]

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How long can food stay on the floor and still be consumed

Debunking the 5-second rule

One of the most well-known and widely accepted notions is the 5-second rule, which states that food that has been dropped on the floor can still be consumed if it is picked up within 5 minutes of it falling on the floor. However, a group of scientists from Rutgers University in the US recently disproved […]

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Merck Millipore

Acids for analysis

Merck Millipore’s acids for analysis offer the highest possible quality, the greatest safety and the most optimised packaging. Their products undergo strict quality checks in ultra-modern laboratories using the latest and most sensitive analytical instruments. That is why you can rely on Merck Millipore’s acids for analysis for your most demanding applications. (more…)

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