digital microfluidics

Pioneers of Miniaturisation Lectureship 2017 winner announced

The Pioneers of Miniaturization Lectureship 2017, sponsored by Dolomite Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip, has been awarded to Professor Aaron Wheeler in recognition of his contribution to digital microfluidics, a technique, which involves manipulating of discrete microfluidic droplets on the surface of an array of electrodes coated with a hydrophobic insulator. Professor Wheeler is […]

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Orb Pilot

One footprint, multiple set-ups with Syrris’ Orb Pilot

Syrris’ Orb Pilot jacketed reactor system is proving a big hit for chemical process scale-up, offering multiple set-ups in a single footprint, designed around your needs. Launched in 2016, this unique,flexible and cost-effective system truly bridges the gap between lab scale and production scale chemistry. The Orb Pilot is a user-friendly, floor standing scale-up reactor […]

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nucleic acid extraction

DiaSorin and Tecan to collaborate in new platform development

DiaSorin and Tecan Group have announced that they have agreed to collaborate in a development under which DiaSorin will make use of Tecan’s Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution as its nucleic acid extraction platform. The new platform will be used in combination with the DiaSorin Liaison® MDX PCR system to provide the customer with a complete […]

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FemBioBiz Acceleration Program

Female-owned bio-businesses in SA participate in SANBio FemBioBiz Acceleration Competition

The FemBioBiz Acceleration Programme has been created to develop leadership, technological and business skills in female-owned businesses in the SADC region to support deal-making and business acceleration in the Biosciences arena. (more…)

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Portable labs become reality

At a time when patients and medical professionals expect always faster results, researchers are trying to translate biodetection technologies used in laboratories to the field and clinic, so patients can get nearly instant diagnoses in a physician’s office, an ambulance or the emergency room. (more…)

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Oudtshoorn skin

Wits scientists discovers cause of “Oudtshoorn skin”

KWE causes a redness of the palms and soles with consecutive cycles of peeling of large sections of thick skin, often exacerbated during winter months. Oudtshoorn is a town in the Western Cape province of South Africa where the disorder was present in large families. (more…)

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Fireflies light it up

Light it up

Why is cleaning important? Cleaning is carried out to remove product remaining on the production and/or processing surface. Product residues provide a nutrient base for microbes to grow. Therefore food residues represent a risk of introducing contamination from spoilage and pathogenic organisms. The cleaning process often includes a detergent and sanitising step. (more…)

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Future of labs

What does the future of laboratories hold?

The paperless lab concept is not a particularly new one, and many laboratories currently operate without physically recording research and development. Tablet devices allow laboratory teams to record their findings electronically, reducing physical waste and optimising storage organisation. (more…)

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Ocean disaster will take a million years to recover

The fear of a dramatic drop in world ocean oxygen content has been heightened as new work suggests it could take a million years for oceans to recover. (more…)

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Blood contamination

Novel Device Reduces Blood Draw Contamination

A novel device can significantly reduce contamination of blood cultures, potentially reducing risky overtreatment and unnecessary use of antibiotics for many patients. This approach could also substantially reduce healthcare costs. (more…)

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Lab hazards

Laboratory Hazards and Risks

“Understanding the required occupational safety and health programmes and recognising hazards will help to identify and minimise many of the common safety and health hazards associated with running a research laboratory. We present an overview of the most common hazards encountered in typical research labs. Our hope is that one or more topics might strike […]

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Master builders

Awarding and Applauding Future Master Builders

Annually, the young people of South Africa and their role in building the country are celebrated throughout the month of June and on Youth Day, 16 June, in particular. (more…)

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