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  • Fast and secure mass calibration

    Today mass calibration is time consuming and involves several manual-handling steps. In most cases, the data is manually transferred several times between different systems creating high risk of faulty data generation. The complex physical effects, correction calculations and uncertainty analysis require great care and sophisticated computation.

    In many laboratories, certain physical effects are neglected and uncertainty calculations are more an estimation than a real analysis. Overall there is a high potential of faulty data generation, which leads to faulty calibration reference weights being used for later calibration of balances.

    Mettler Toledo’s new MC Link 2 mass calibration software...

  • Milliplex MAP kits

    As your research uncovers the significant role of more and more biomarkers in both normal and disease states, you need a reliable partner for quality assays and consistent performance.

    We not only offer you the largest portfolio of biomarker assays—including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, radioimmunoassays and MILLIPLEX® multi-analyte profiling (MAP), our kits and reagents provide you with consistent, high-quality tools so that you can do your best work while saving time, labour and cost.

    In addition to the assay specifications listed in...