XSelect Columns for Exceptional Selectivity

X-Select-columnsWaters’ XSelect HPLC columns are designed for the method development scientist. Scientists who develop chromatographic methods demand the most diverse selection of sorbents to easily separate the most difficult analyte co-elutions.

The XSelect columns redefine the definition of a broad, selective modern HPLC column family. Carefully chosen ligands (C18, T3, Fluoro-Phenyl, Phenyl-Hexyl, PHP and CN) combined with proprietary Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH™) and High-Strength Silica technology, provide chromatographers with uniquely selective columns. These columns deliver high analyte loading, operational stability, and full scalability for UPLC®, HPLC and preparative separation platforms.

XSelect columns offer a broad selection of optimised bonded ligands. Reproducibility, high selectivity and retentivity are the most powerful tools a method developer has to influence chromatographic behaviour. The base particle or substrate critically influences analyte selectivity and the bonded ligand has a secondary influence. When they are used in combination, the substrate and ligand create the ultimate tools for enhancing analyte selectivity.

The CSH columns are intended for isolation and purification, and consistently provide narrow peaks under high loading conditions. These allow the chromatographer to separate trace-level impurities or degradants, resulting in more loading capacity with less time and solvent. The XSelect columns are ideal for rapid method development and are fully compatible with all modern detection modes.