Where Accuracy Matters

Where-Accuracy-MattersGood Weighing practice (GWP®) is a global standard that can be applied to both new or existing weighing equipment from any manufacturer in any industry. Mettler Toledo has developed this as a standardised scientific methodology for secure selection, calibration and operation of weighing equipment.

It provides the documented evidence for reproducible weighing results in harmony with all current quality standards in laboratory and manufacturing. Users who focus on stable processes, constant product quality, lean manufacturing or regulatory compliance can use GWP to select and calibrate their weighing equipment.

Although weighing is just one step in the analysis chain, it can have a strong influence on the quality of the final product. Accurate weighing is essential to ensure continuous adherence to process requirements. Out-of-specification results or disposal of batches can be systematically avoided by following this standard.

Mettler Toledo offers:

  • GWP Recommendation for evaluating the appropriate balance or scale for the application
  • GWP Verification confirms that balances and scales are accurate, and meets process quality and regulatory requirements. It also provides all the information needed to calibrate and test equipment efficiently.

The GWP covers the five important stages of the instrument’s lifecycle, namely evaluation, selection, installation, calibration and routine operation. It also recommends simple and effective measures to maximise process security and minimise costs.