Weighing With Unique Calibration

Mettler Toledo offers a new range of microgram weights with nominal values from 0.05mg to 0.5mg. These weights will allow customers with specialised nanotechnology applications to use the direct comparison method to verify weight values below 1mg.

The weights are available with a calibration certificate and Mettler Toledo is the only weights manufacturer to offer calibrated weights with such low nominal values thanks to a joint venture with the British National Measurement Office.

At the extreme end of weights engineering, the nominal values of the weights range from 0.05mg to 0.5mg with an astounding level of uncertainty of just 0.0002mg (0.2µg). These weights are available individually, as well as in a convenient kit. The kit provides users with everything they need for the calibration of weights and mass verification in the microgram range.

This range was developed largely in response to the needs of the nanotechnology market, which typically involves the manufacture of objects with dimensions of less than 100nm, for example computer chips and microscopic devices. The microgram weights have a wide range of applications in the mechanical testing of nano- and bio-material sensors. For instance, they can be used to calibrate the very fine cantilever of an atomic force microscope, which is drawn over an uneven object to reveal the surface contours at sub-nm level.

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