Waste water analysis in treatment plants

Wastewater automated solutions from Metrohm.Operators of waste water treatment plants are obliged to monitor their installation and control its performance. Part of this duty − depending on the size of the treatment plant − is regular determination of various parameters in the laboratory.

Metrohm provides fully automated solutions (titration, ion chromatography, voltammetry) for the following parameters:

  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD) as per ASTM D 12552 and DIN 38409-44.
  • Fluoride as per EPA 340.2.
  • Chloride as per DIN 38405-1.
  • Alkalinity CaCO3 as per EPA 310.1.
  • Total hardness, Ca2+, Mg2+ as per DIN 384063-3.
  • Anions, e.g. F, Cl, Br, NO2, NO3, PO43–, SO42– etc. as per ISO 10304-1 and EPA 300.0/EPA 9056.
  • Cations, e.g. Li+, Na+, K+, NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+ etc. as per ISO 14911:1998.
  • Oxyhalides as per EPA 300.1, Part B.
  • Chromium(VI) as per ISO 10304-3 and EPA 218.7.
  • Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Tl, Ni, Co as per DIN 38406-16.
  • EDTA, NTA as per DIN 38413-5.

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