Vivaspin Turbo 15

Vivaspin Turbo 15

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For scientists and lab technicians who need to quickly and safely concentrate biological samples from 4 to 15 ml up to 100 fold, Sartorius offers the Vivaspin Turbo 15 ultrafilters. This revolutionary product allows for the fastest sample concentration with the highest recoveries possible.

Vivaspin Turbo 15 is a centrifugal concentrator. This new UF device is the highly innovative improvement of Vivaspin 15 and 20. Within 10 – 30 minutes biological samples can be concentrated with macromolecular recoveries in excess of 95%. Vivaspin Turbo 15 allows easy and complete recovery of the concentrate, while delivering the fastest ultrafiltration on the market.

The Vivaspin Turbo family is the optimal alternative to currently available centrifugal concentrators in terms of:

Maximum process speeds

  • Large twin vertical membrane
  • Sleek internal profile
  • The optimized design and the PES membrane minimize protein polarisation

Complete high recoveries

  • Angular dead stop pocket to collect complete concentrate in the smallest possible volume area
  • Easy access to the concentrate with a pipette
  • Very low binding membrane and plastics
  • No filtration to dryness

Highest chemical resistance

  • Chemical resistance: pH 1-14
  • Stable shelf life, even in humid environments