A User- friendly Centrifuge

A User- friendly Centrifuge
The SIGMA 2-6 is a laboratory centrifuge for small and medium sample sizes. This innovative device can be used in medical labs, schools and research facilities. It can be used for speeds of up to 4000rpm. The ‘start’, ‘stop’ and ‘lid open’ keys are illuminated for visibility and to enhance the user-friendliness of the centrifuge. This centrifuge contains a brushless drive, which is practically maintenance free and can operate from speeds as low as 100rpm if needed. Furthermore, the SIGMA 2-6 also has a window in the lid of the centrifuge for external speed control.


The SIGMA 2-6 features:

  • A centrifuge that can be used for small or medium sample sizes
  • A double lid locking device with latches
  • A brushless drive that is practically maintenance-free
  • User-friendly operation
  • Automated opening of the lid, which is switchable
  •  An acoustic signal that is switchable
  • A lid can that can easily be opened due to pneumatic swing support
  •  Low speed operation from 100rpm possible
  • Illuminated symbol keys start, stop and lid open
  • A window in the centrifuge lid for external speed control
  • A speed pre-selection of up to 4000rpm.

The SIGMA 2-6 is an innovative instrument that is produced according to the national and international safety regulations.


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