The Velocity 14/14R

The-Velocity-1414RThe Velocity 14 (V14) and 14R (V14R) centrifuges have the flexibility to alternate from micro-volume to medium-volume centrifugation at a maximum speed of 14 000rpm/20,290xg. The V14R incorporates powerful and efficient refrigeration, while the absence of refrigeration in the V14 further reduces its footprint by at least 50% compared to that of the V14R.
The FA15A rotor is accommodating for up to 24×1.5/2ml tubes with a terminal velocity of 14 000rpm (18 728×g) while the FA15C rotor has sufficient capacity for up to 6x50ml tubes and reaches terminal velocity of 14 000rpm (20 290×g) in the V14R. The new SW4C swing bucket rotor allows for the incorporation of a wide range of new applications.

These centrifuges have a quick set and forget rotor system, which allows for automatic recognition of the rotor and confirmation once centrifugation has commenced. The new rotors can be easily loaded onto the on-board database as they are introduced.

The high-torque drive technology effortlessly accelerates even the heaviest rotors to terminal velocity quickly. The nine pre-set acceleration and deceleration profiles ensure that the right conditions are set for the most precious of samples. Innovative motor engineering and mounting allows for greater imbalance tolerances.

The powerful non-CFC compressor of the V14R cools the chamber quickly while maintaining the rotor at set temperature. Twin cooling fans dissipate heat quickly to improve cooling efficiency and extend motor life.