Supreme Scaling

The Sartorius Signum® Supreme is well suited for simple as well as demanding applications such as check-weighing, totalising and formulation. The solid construction of the Supreme, which is made completely from stainless steel, can withstand massive side shocks and can be cleaned using a water jet. The Supreme also delivers reliable, reproducible measurement r even during varying setup conditions. Thus, it can be easily integrated into the changing environmental conditions for industrial applications. The Supreme is certified according to the current specifications of valid standards and can also be integrated into production networks. Three application levels as well as different resolutions, weight ranges and a complete range of interfaces make individual configurations possible.


The Signum Supreme features:

  • Protection class IP65
  • Optional for EX zone two or 22
  • Resolutions up to 350 000d
  • Memory for up to 300 products.

Contact: Jo-Anne Van Niekerk

Tel        011-660-6277