Sigma centrifuges celebrate their 40th anniversary

Sigma-centrifuges-celebrate-their-40th-anniversarySigma laboratory centrifuges entered 2015 celebrating their 40th anniversary. The original family business boasts a history dating back to 1948, when Martin Christ Sr. began manufacturing centrifuges. These centrifuges have been marketed under the Sigma name since 1975.

Sigma has the right centrifuge for very specific customer needs. There are compact, high speed or stand-alone, refrigerated or unrefrigerated, heated, or very low noise centrifuges. They offer a broad range of laboratory centrifuges, fixed-angle and swing-out rotors.

The company’s motto for 2015 is ‘40 years of Sigma centrifuges.’ Focus has been placed on the Sigma 1-16 and 1-16K microcentrifuges, available in a special limited edition of the occasion with bodies finished in the company’s secondary corporate colour maize yellow.

These exclusive models are now available and feature convenient operation, including a motorised lid lock for effortless handling. Their maximum capacity is 24 x 1.5 – 2 ml, 36 x 1.5 – 2 ml or 12 x 5 ml in a single batch at an RCF >20 000g. Both models are available in IVD-compliant versions.

The refrigerated 1-16K also features a fan control that adjusts the fan speed to match the necessary cooling capacity, making it up to 60% quieter and reducing power consumption. At maximum speed the Sigma 1-16K reliably achieves +4°C.

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