SAXSpace-03Anton Paar introduces SAXSpace, a modular nanostructure analyser with unique new features to offer its users far more application options and considerably simplified handling.

Whether at small angles, wide angles or at grazing incidence, the quality of x-ray scattering measurements hinges on the smart collimation of the employed x-rays. SAXSpace gives users more collimation choices than any other system. The system’s SmartSAXS feature enables both line and point collimation. It even allows line and point collimation to be employed simultaneously, with two beam lines connected to the same x-ray source.

Following up on the concept of versatility, SAXSpace now comes with TrueSWAXS functionality. Users can now precisely analyse their samples’ overall nanostructure up to 200nm as well as their crystal lattice at the atomic level below nm size, by performing continuous SAXS and WAXS measurements. These measurements can also be run simultaneously without any need to re-align the system.

SAXSpace particularly stands out for its ease of use. In older systems, the alignment of components with the x-ray beam is usually complex and time consuming. However, SAXSpace offers a solution to this issue. Based on its TrueFocus feature, the system aligns itself automatically. Even seasoned SAXS operators will breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of quick and easy push-button alignment.