Sartolab RF & BT filter systems

NAT0006-LT_Sartolab-_2269Sartorius Stedim Biotec, represented locally by NATSEP, offers a range of disposable vacuum filtration units. The Sartolab® Receiver Flask (RF) and Bottle Top (BT) units contain a high-quality Sartorius PES membrane and combine highest flow rates and throughput with extremely low protein binding and extractables. Sartolab filter systems are designed for filtration of tissue culture media and components, buffers, additives, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions.

Sartolab RF and BT vacuum units are available as 150ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml units, offering improved filtration speed, throughput and cost effective filtration.

The Sartolab filter systems are available with polyethersulfone membranes. The filter units contain membranes integrally sealed to a support grid designed to maximise flow and reduce foaming and protein denaturation. The membrane is compatible with most aqueous solutions and tested for use in cell culture applications.

Sartolab filters are made of materials that pass USP class VI and cytotoxicity ISO 10993 tests. All units are Gamma-radiation sterilised and individually packed.