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ScanAir pro system for cleanroom monitoring

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS), a provider of particle counters, software for particle, microbial, environmental and facility monitoring, and contamination monitoring systems, offers the ScanAir Pro system, a smart upstream sampling and downstream filter scanning system. The Lighthouse ScanAir Pro system is a particle counter based high efficiency particulate air/ultra-low particulate air filter scanning system. It […]

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One stop pesticide analysis shop

Pesticide residue analysis in food is one of the most important and challenging tasks encountered in routine laboratory practice. The European Legislation, currently the most stringent Legislation (reference: European Regulation 396/2005 and Commission Directive 2006/125/EC), sets maximum residue limits (MRL) for pesticides in different products of plant and animal origin. (more…)

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Separating Pollutants in Waste-Water Treatment Plants

VELP Scientifica has developed a complete line of instruments to support the lab technician working in the environmental sector and for the separation of pollutants in waste-water treatment plants in particular. Jar Test The choice and dosage of the chemical coagulant to be adopted for removing suspended solids from waste-water are established based on an […]

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Swift Removal of Chemicals and Fumes

Last year Swift Silliker announced the launch of their brand new state-of-the-art chemistry laboratory with 350m2 of extra floor space adjacent to their premises in Midrand. The project utilised the best laboratory layouts, methodologies and equipment specifications with expertise from an extended multi-national team of experts from the Silliker global network.  As part of the […]

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Sappi Invests in Metrohm Metres and Dosimats

As a leading consumer products company SAPPI Ngodwana are deeply committed to advancing technology, which can address changing consumer needs throughout the world. In fact, their goal is to use their technology to create products that will continue to improve the quality of life for consumers wherever they live. All of Sappi Southern Africa’s mills […]

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New Sampling Probes for Cleanroom Monitoring

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS), a provider of particle counters, particle, microbial, environmental and facility monitoring software and contamination monitoring systems, offers the ScanAir and ScanAir Pro filter sampling probes. The ScanAir filter sampling probe is used for convenient and reliable HEPA/ULPA filter testing and leak detection. This probe can detect ultrafine particle concentrations that may […]

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Interwaste’s New Purchase

Interwaste is a South African company with a national footprint. Every aspect of its sustained development has successfully integrated Interwaste’s people, facilities and infrastructure into a cohesive force able to provide customers with truly integrated waste management solutions. The solutions are based on proven systems and practices that are at the same time cost effective […]

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Increasing the Speed of Water Analysis

South West Water is responsible for monitoring the quality of water, and the sewage system network in a region of England. They do this through a central analytical facility. In early 2010, the ICP-MS instrument was identified as due for renewal.  After evaluation of the top-three suppliers, the NexION® 300 ICP-MS from PerkinElmer was selected. […]

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Environmental, Water and Air Analysis Made Easy

Milestone’s DMA-80 is a direct mercury analyser, which uses the principle of thermal decomposition, amalgamation and atomic absorption. The DMA-80 can analyse both solid and liquid matrices with equal precision. Analysis takes only five minutes per sample and does not require any sample preparation. All mercury is released from the sample through thermal decomposition. This […]

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Ductless Fume Cabinets

When handling chemicals in the laboratory it is imperative for the health of laboratory staff to avoid inhalation of potentially harmful substances and to work in an environment where the fumes and vapours are safely removed. Two types of safety enclosures may be used for laboratory handlings, namely a ducted fume cupboard or ductless cabinet […]

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Biogas Titration Manager

Hach announced the launch of the Biogas Titration Manager. This titrator is designed specifically for monitoring biogas production. It is pre-programmed with three common methods and has space for seven more user-defined methods to help biogas plant operators run their plants more efficiently. Biogas is an efficient source of renewable energy. However, turning methane gas […]

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