Precise Imaging

Precise Characterisation With the LabRAM HR

The Horiba LabRAM HR systems provide high spectroscopic resolution and a unique wavelength range capability that offers both great flexibility and high performance.

The unique high resolution mode is ideal for subtle band analysis, such as that for phase (crystalline/amorphous) of proteins, weak bonding forces (such as hydrogen bonding) and semiconductor stress measurements. In fact, it is ideal for most applications where it is important for the precise characterisation of position or shape of the Raman spectral features. Band analysis with a resolution in the order of 0.3cm-1 to 1 cm-1 is particularly suited to the high resolution mode. Its dual capabilities also enable more routine low/medium resolution Raman analysis and even broader band laser-induced micro-fluorescence or luminescence to be conducted on the same benchtop instrument.

The LabRAM HR features:

  • True confocal performance
  • UV, visible and NIR capability
  • An ultra low frequency module.

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