POLAB Shuttle

POLAB-Shuttle-installed-at-Holcim-Lagerdorf-GermanyThe ThyssenKrupp Polysius laboratory automation system, POLAB®, is now available for the minerals, pharmaceuticals and cements industries. Innovative automation solutions and intelligent control systems help minimise raw material costs and assure product quality. Fully automatic POLAB samplers are used to take representative samples throughout the process. Representative samples are sent in capsules by pneumatic tube to the lab, where they are divided again, prepared, and fed to various analysers.

the POLAB Shuttle was designed to focus on the following aspects:

  • Collaboration of humans and machines in a common workspace
  • High maximum sample throughput
  • Minimum downtime for maintenance
  • Possibility of full redundancy
  • Extensibility for new components and analysers
  • Use of proven components.

The POLAB Shuttle consists of a low-powered lightweight robot arm and a transfer robot. A transfer robot is a mobile platform that moves independently on rails to predefined stops. The transfer robot is intrinsically safe and can be operated without additional safety equipment. A lift allows vertical floor changes. Sample transfer by means of the mobile robot allows unprecedented freedom of configuration and extensibility. The individual modules, such as receiving station, sample preparation, input/output magazine and analysers are interconnected by the rail system on which the robot moves. The laboratory is barrier-free and the individual components can be operated either automatically or manually.