Oil and Grease Analysis made Easy

Oil-and-Grease-Analysis-made-EasyHach Company now offers laboratories a faster and cost-effective alternative to outsourced oil and grease analyses.

Xenosep® SPE systems allows one to simply filter their wastewater sample, remove the trapped oil and grease from the SPE filter with hexane, concentrate the extract and determine the residual analyte weight.

A free CD of the actual EPA Method 1664A procedure is available on request. In addition, the complete oil and grease SPE testing protocol can be found in the Hach Water Analysis Handbook, Fifth Edition, Method 10300.
The method consists of three steps:
Step 1: Extract 1ℓ sample by filtering through triple layer SPE disk.
Step 2: Elute the extract with hexane and dry.
Step 3: Distill and oven-dry extract.

Xenosep SPE systems are affordable apparatus kits specifically designed for EPA Method 1664A and available in a single position set-up or a triple position set-up with matching stainless steel manifold.

Each starter kit contains a complete set of leak-proof glassware and a starter supply of related items to perform 24 EPA Method 1664A tests including SPE filters, sodium sulfate columns, aluminum weighing pans, transfer pipettes and EPA Method 1664A standard.

In-house oil and grease results can be obtained in hours and the SPE consumable cost per test is substantially lower than outsourcing this analysis to a another laboratory.