New Standards in Leak Testing

New-Standards-in-Leak-TestingThe new Phoenix L500i helium leak detector from Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum represents an innovative solution for leak detection. It features high-speed leak detection, reproducibility and reliable operation, and it is a completely unique experience using iPad controls.

The Phoenix L500i is a mobile unit on lockable castors, which allows movements to different locations at any time. It improves the accuracy and reliability of testing operations during series testing of a large number of products.

Fast run-up time and adjustable sleep and wake-up times facilitate the readiness for measurements adapted to specific requirements. The system is capable of attaining a leak rate sensitivity of <3 x 10-9 mbar ℓ/s in less than 10 seconds for a 15ℓ unit under test. After 20 seconds, sensitivity will be 5 x 10-10 mbar ℓ/s with a response time of less than one second. A helium pumping speed of up to 50ℓ/s is attained at the inlet. The lowest detectable leak rate is below 5 x 10-12 mbar ℓ/s. The unit is monitored and controlled with an iPad (included in the delivery), and wireless operation is possible within a range of up to 50m. Operation is highly intuitive through the TFT touch panel of the iPad. It is either installed directly at the leak detector or dropped into the economically designed L 500i iPad retainer.