New and improved SLE and SPE automation system

New and improved SLE and SPE automation system from AnatechBiotage® Extrahera™ is a brand new, powerful and user-friendly automation system for supported liquid extraction (SLE) and solid phase extraction (SPE) methods. This is a compact eight channel automation instrument, designed for speed, flexibility and to fit into the natural workflow of an analytical chemist.

The system is capable in one configuration of processing 96 and 48- fixed well plate format and up to 96 tabless 1m columns. In its alternative configuration it is capable of processing up to twenty four 1, 3 or 6ml columns (one size at a time). The format switch, which incorporates minor hardware modifications and a software configuration tick box, can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

The system processes a full standard 24-SPE plate method in less than 30 minutes, including sample pretreatment, conditioning and equilibration, load, wash and elution steps. It has been designed to perform with appropriate precision and accuracy even when using challenging, volatile and low surface tension solvents.

The Biotage Extrahera features:

  • Ready to run system with preconfigured Biotage SLE and SPE methods for plates and columns
  • Fully automated processing
  • Five automatically filled solvent/buffer reservoirs
  • More flexible use of solvents and provides an excellent system for method development.
  • Positive pressure processing during sample extraction allows for accurate control of flows and a high degree of control
  • Virtually eliminates cross talk during sample processing. It ensures that the liquid exiting the Luer of a plate or column has minimal chance of contaminating an adjacent sample due to splashing
  • Optional reuse solvent/buffer tips at any stage of a method where appropriate, significantly reducing tip use and consumables costs per sample
  • The system features a self-contained exhaust fan and when connected with appropriate ventilation system means the system can be happily installed on a bench
  • The software has been designed for simplicity and end user operation in mind, but is still feature rich
  • Enclosed working parts ensure operator safety and reduced exposure to solvents and hazardous compounds
  • Simple, rugged design with a minimum number of moving parts and easily accessible consumables
  • A low cost automation providing cost-effective increases in throughput, combined with a simple and easy to use interface.

This design ensures that the product is an attractive offering for small to medium sized laboratories requiring automation at an affordable price.


Contact: Corlien Bezuidenhout

Tel:  011 462–6776/079 872 6456


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