Metrohm and FOSS Join Forces

Metrohm-and-FOSS-Join-Forces-(2)Metrohm and FOSS have entered into a strategic alliance that aims to strengthen the two companies’ leading positions in their respective key markets. Family-owned FOSS is the world’s leading supplier of dedicated analytical solutions that ensure optimal quality and production of food and agricultural products, while Metrohm is one of the leading manufacturers of instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm will become the sole global distributor of FOSS Near Infrared (NIR) instruments for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors. “Metrohm will extend its product offering beyond the company’s traditional focus on solutions for wet chemistry analytical techniques,” said Dr Christoph Fässler, CEO of Metrohm.

FOSS will continue its strong NIR technology research and development programme and manufacturing for both companies. “The strategic alliance allows FOSS to focus its NIR business on the food and agricultural industries that we have served for more than 50 years, while continuing our leading position within NIR technology and making this technology available to a broader customer base,” said Torben Ladegaard, CEO of FOSS.

The merger will see the two companies operate under the name Metrohm NIRSystems. “With Metrohm’s strong worldwide presence, commitment to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and with this investment in NIR, the alliance allows us to further grow our business within these sectors and provide our customers with a steady stream of new innovative NIR products and the highest level of support,” said Dr Philip Irving, President of FOSS NIRSystems.