Liquid Handling Made Easy

Liquid-Handling-Made-EasyMetrohm Dosimats facilitate the routine handling of liquids in day-to-day laboratory work. They are popular the world over and used for a large variety of dosing and liquid handling tasks.

The successful Dosimat series, from Metrohm, is now continued by the 876 and 865 Dosimat plus models. Their functionality has again been extended, particularly in the field of liquid handling. The new Dosimats can be operated manually as stand-alone instruments or used together with Titrino and Titrino plus models. These instruments are also easy to install and contain a USB port for easy data transfer.

Similar to these instruments is Metrohm’s Dosino. These devices offer greater flexibility in liquid handling and allow operations such as logical dilutions to be carried out without operator interventions. The Dosinos can be used as stand-alone units for basic liquid handling such as pipetting and diluting, or in combination with Metrohm Titrandos, ion chromatography and voltammetry systems.

All versions of the Metrohm Dosimats/Dosinos now incorporate a chip reader in them. This chip reader allows these instruments to immediately identify the solution in the bottle, its lifespan and date of last standardisation, where applicable. This ensures full compliance to basic quality control procedures while saving the analyst valuable time and money.