Large Capacity Centrifuges

Large Capacity CentrifugesThe food and beverage industry uses centrifuges for the washing of edible oils, clarifying wine or juices, and for the liquid extraction of fats and water. The dairy industry uses these instruments to separate milk from whey. Hettich has manufactured a centrifuge to meet the specific requirements of this industry. The Rotina 420 was developed with a large capacity to manage large volumes and has a variety of accessories to suit most types of tube.


A centrifuge is most often used for separating particles from solutions according to their size, shape, density and viscosity. The Rotina 420 is suitable for high sample throughput as well as high sample volumes. As it is available in a refrigerated version too, the temperature range extends from -20 to 40ºC. They have a maximum capacity of 4 x 600ml or 84 collections tubes or 16 microtitre plates. There are 98 user-defined programmes to choose from and operation is quieter thanks to noise dampening technology. All this is packed into a relatively small compact footprint of ±42 x 50 x 65cm.


The Rotina 420 features:

A high capacity with a maximum of 4 x 600ml

A high RCF

A stainless steel centrifuging chamber with a viewing port in the lid

Automatic lid locking

Ergonomic control and information panel

Easy rotor changing.


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