Interscience’s FlexiPump

Intersciences-FlexiPumpThe FlexiPump®, from Interscience, is a range of dispensing pumps for culture media preparation and serial dilutions. It is a peristaltic pump for the preparation and dispensing of culture media in petri dishes, primary and serial dilutions with buffers and broths in tubes, bottles and bags.

Controlled by a hand “gun”, rotating button or via a foot switch, it makes work easy and fun.
This precise and high speed pump guarantees, to 1%, an efficient sample preparation with a dispensing liquid capacity from 50μL to 99L.

Calibration is made simple with step-by-step on screen instructions that anyone would be able to navigate quickly and easily. The pump is compact with a 16cm footprint and an intuitive interface with 32 pre-set programs. The FlexiPump is maintenance-free, because of the use of high-quality Watson Marlow® pump heads, powerful stepping motor and durable stainless steel housing.