Hettich centrifuge and accessories for washing erythrocytes

Labotec HettichHettich offers the ideal lab equipment for manual and automated cell washing procedures.  Washing of erythrocytes as a process step in blood serology studies (such as cross matching and antibody identification and differentiation) is part of the daily routine of an immunohaematology lab.

The removal of plasma, which would otherwise interfere with test procedures, through repeated washing in physiological saline may be carried out either manually or using a cell wash centrifuge.

The practical solution from Hettich for manual washing of erythrocytes: EBA 280 small centrifuge with 1133 decanting rotor.  Small Hettich centrifuges with an angle rotor for 5ml glass tubes have been successfully used for many years.

Our new centrifuge – the EBA 280 – now offers even greater comfort through the rapid rotor change system. A cell washing centrifuge can be converted into a universal lab centrifuge in a matter of seconds.

The advantages at a glance:

Rotor with decanting aid:

The tubes are held in position and are prevented from falling out when the contents are decanted.

High sample throughput:

12x5ml tubes per run.

Powerful with variable speed entry:

5500 – 5000 rpm (max.6000 rpm with the EBA 280 S model).

Maximum flexibility:

Six rotors are available for different applications (such as the derivation of serum from whole blood).

High operator comfort:

Simple rotor changeover without tools thanks to the rapid rotor change.


Author: Labotec

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