Hach’s Portable Water Kits

Hach-Portable-Kits-labs-editorialHach’s Portable Kits contain everything required to test water in various applications. Choose from either a Direct Read Environmental Lab (DREL)/2800 with the DR/2800 portable spectrophotometer or a Colorimetric Environmental Lab (CEL)/800 series laboratory with the DR/800 series colorimeter. Both laboratories offer rugged and flexible accuracy.
Using the popular Hach DR/2800 as the backbone, portable DRELs are the ultimate in convenience. Each DREL/2800 combines durable instruments, premeasured reagents impervious to environmental contamination, and apparatus and labware built to withstand harsh field conditions. For laboratory precision in the field, you need a DREL/2800.

If you need speed and mobility in analysis, you need a CEL/800. At the heart of every CEL/800 series portable laboratory is a DR/800 series colorimeter. Factory-configured laboratories for drinking water, wastewater, industrial water treatment, water conditioning, educational studies, environmental studies and aquaculture contain reagent sets, required apparatus, additional instruments, and everything needed to conduct field testing.

Whether you’re in the field or at the bench, getting started with the DREL/2800 or CEL/800 series laboratory is simply a matter of popping the latch on the case lid, lifting out the instrument, adding reagents to the sample, and reading results.

Whether you equip your DREL with a pH meter, a conductivity/TDS meter, or a portable turbidimeter, you’ll find everything you need to run common water quality tests in the portable laboratory configuration.

All the instruments have the option of running on batteries, therefore, tests can be run immediately without worrying about sample preservation and handling. As standard equipment, each DREL includes a DR/2800 spectrophotometer, a digital titrator, a battery charger, a comprehensive illustrated procedure manual and a durable carrying case.