Great Centrifuge Bundle Savings

Great Centrifuge Bundle Savings

Whether one needs a refrigerated or non-refrigerated centrifuge for low, medium or high-throughput applications, one of these bundles will definitely suit the requirements. The Cell Culture Centrifuge Bundles are optimised for Swing-bucket rotor applications in standard 15ml and 50ml Falcon® tubes.

The Cell Culture Centrifuge Bundle includes any centrifuge (5702/5702R, 5804/5804R or 5810/5810R) with a Swing-bucket rotor including buckets and four adapters for 15ml Falcon tubes (two sets of two) as well as four adapters for 50ml tubes (two sets of two).

The latest addition to the rotor range is a high capacity S-4-104 rotor with 4 x 750ml capacity Swing-bucket rotor and a maximum speed of 3.214 × g (3,900rpm). The S-4-104 rotor will allow one to swing 56 x 15ml Falcon tubes or 28 x 50ml tubes at a time or in combination thereof.  The broad range of adapters enables high versatility for tubes and flasks from 0.2ml to 750ml and plates (MTP / PCR / DWP). Aerodynamic round bucket design for up to 36% energy savings compared to the other rotors. A mixed loading with two plate buckets and two round tube buckets allows for increased versatility. Aerosol-tight quick lock caps for safe centrifugation of hazardous samples are also available. The buckets, lids and adapters are autoclavable.

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