Get Rid of Organic Matter Fast

get-rid-of-organic-matter-fast!Metrohm presents the new 909 UV Digester, which is a new digestion unit for sample preparation by UV photolysis. This digester enables simultaneous digestion of up to 12 samples. It excels because of its robust design and short digestions times. It is recommended for voltammetric and spectroscopic methods, where organic matter present in the sample interferes with the determination of the heavy metal analytes.

Digestion of the samples in the 909 UV digester is fully automatic. The centerpiece of the digester is a UV lamp that provides the necessary radiation. The heat generated by the lamp is dissipated via an air-cooling system. To ensure that digestion takes place under controlled conditions, a Pt1000 temperature sensor is used to measure the digestion temperature in a reference sample. An integral microprocessor controls the digestion temperature and time.

Standards that recommend sample preparation by UV photolysis includeDIN 38406, Part 16 and DIN 38406, Part 17.

UV digestion is suitable for transparent samples with low-to-medium organic contamination (up to about 100mg carbon/ℓ). UV digestion is used in the processing of all types of water samples such as surface waters or wastewaters. However, liquid biological samples (urine) and foods (juices and alcoholic beverages) can also be digested using an adapted procedure.