Flash Technology

Flash Technology

Mettler Toldeo’s Flash DSC1 represents a quantum leap in thermal analysis technology and revolutionises rapid-scanning DSC. The DSC 1 provides heating rates of up to 2400 000 K/min and cooling rates of 240 000 K/min. The signal time constant is 1000 times shorter than that of a conventional DSC. This allows processes that occur in milliseconds, such as injection moulding, to be studied.

The Flash DSC 1 allows one to prepare samples with defined structures that occur during rapid cooling in injection moulding processes. The application of different cooling rates influences the crystallisation behaviour and structure of the sample. The use of high heating rates means that the material can be analysed without interference from re-organisation processes.

Flash DSC is also the ideal tool for studying crystallisation kinetics. The fast response sensor feature enables the kinetics of extremely fast reactions or crystallisation processes to be studied. Wide temperature range measurements can be performed.

The heart of the Flash DSC is the chip sensor based on MEMS Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology. In Flash DSC, the sample is placed directly onto the MultiSTARe chip sensor.  A patented dynamic power compensation circuit allows measurements to be performed with minimum noise at high heating and cooling rates. The Full Range UFS 1 sensor has 16 thermocouples and exhibits high sensitivity and excellent temperature resolution. The MEMS chip sensor is mounted on a stable ceramic substrate with electrical connections.

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