Electrocatalysis research kits

Electrocatalysis research kits

Electrocatalysis research kits

Introducing total solutions for electrocatalysis research. These solutions are indispensable for:

  • Electrocatalyst material testing
  • Detection of intermediates
  • Electrochemical kinetics studies
  • Determination of mass-transport properties

Two available configurations include ECAT.Compact and ECAT.Complete. Both packages offer an out-of-the-box solution for electrocatalysis research that includes everything necessary to work in hydrodynamic conditions.

  • Potentiostat with BA module (PGSTAT204 or 302N).
  • Full RRDE set-up including GC / Pt RRDE tip.
  • Complete RRDE electrochemical cell.
  • Appropriate additional modules are included in the ECAT.Complete package.

Contact: 011 656 2686 or ravii@metrohm.co.za

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