Easy Testing (Just Like That!)

Easy Testing

The new EZ Test offers its users a wide range of added features including a full range lineup that performs a wide variety of testing, thanks to extended test stokes, a range of test speeds and a larger test space.

Testing speeds can be set anywhere from 0.05mm/min to 1000mm/min. Particularly useful is a high return speed that helps to reduce test cycle times during the testing of rubber and film.

A closed-front design means that the drive mechanism is not visible from the front of the tester. With no front aperture, scatter from specimens cannot become caught in the drive mechanism. Also, the open-table design of the lower jig clamp surface allows the test area to be easily accessed from three directions.

This compact instrument requires minimum space, fits easily on table tops and an ‘open-table’ design provides open access from both sides of the table to ensure a large work space. The loaded section also extends outwards from the front and enlarges the workspace.

Easily connect accessories to the table, including an extensometer for soft materials (SES-1000), a non-contact video extensometer (DVE-102/201) or an automatic extensometer (SIE-560/560S). Measurement of a wide range of testing forces is also possible with load cell ratings from 1/1 to 1/250 and precision of ±1% of the indicated value.

Some of the EZ-L testing applications include:

  • Rubber tensile test
  • Resin tensile testing
  • O-ring tensile testing
  • Thin copper tensile testing.

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