Detecting bacteria in water

Chromocult® Coliform Agar membrane filter

The new Chromocult membrane filters from Merck

For the simultaneous detection of coliform bacteria and Escherichia coli (E. coli ) in drinking water and waters with low bacterial background flora.

Our convenient new ready-to-use product allows for easy handling (laying and removing) of membranes on and from the media. The special plate design allows stacking and has the added safety feature of being lockable.

These features maximise incubator space, more plates can be stored compared to 90 mm plates. Storage at ambient (15°C – 25°C) frees up refrigeration space and shelf life is up to six months from date of manufacture. The ready-to-use format results in savings as no testing of the media batch and filter batch is needed – reduced QC time.

Fully compliant to International Standardization Organization (ISO) 9308-1:2014 and 11133:2014.

Chromocult® Coliform Agar membrane filter method has also been approved and accepted by the US Environmental Protection Agency for monitoring total coliform bacteria and E. coli under the Total Coliform Rule (40 CFR 141.21).

According to ISO9308-1, the method for drinking water and waters with low bacterial background is usually combined with membrane filtration – it is important to note the type and quality of membrane filter can affect the size, colouration and number of colonies significantly.

Merck mixed cellulose ester filters (gridded, 0.45µm pore size, 47mm) were used in ISO validation studies and supported the colour formation and the growth of colonies efficiently.

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