Crushing their Opponents

A Silent HomogeniserHeidolph Instruments’ SilentCrusher M range of homogenisers features a patented high-speed, magnetic driveless technology with a maintenance-free motor. It also features a magnet coil drive for smooth operation and extremely low noise. This is a feature that cannot be found in any other homogeniser brand in the marketplace. Its applications under vacuum run down to 20mbar or pressure up to 6bar. The unique and driveless technology allows for uncountable years of maintenance-free operation, eliminating down times and spare part costs.

These homogenisers are perfect for cleanroom applications because they operate with no fan. Their scope of application ranges from biotechnology, sample preparation in medicine, enzymatic treatment in the food industry as well as applications in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, paint, lacquer and petrochemistry. They are available with high quality tools that are easy to clean, sterilise and attach. These tools are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, autoclavable up to 130°C, sterilised up to 180°C and are available in different sizes.  Heidolph offers a three year warranty on their homogenisers.

The SilentCrusher M features:

Digital speed display

Speed range can be adjusted from 5000 to 26 000rpms

Integrated rpm-meter

Choice of 13 different high quality tools from 6mm to 22mm diameter

Allow for any viscosity up to 5000mPa

Compact construction design of only 1kg

Easy operation.


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