Combisart® – The economic way for fast and reliable colony counting

Cellulose nitrate membranes

Cellulose nitrate membranes are mixed cellulose ester membranes containing cellulose nitrate and cellulose acetate.

Sartorius’ Stedim Biotech brings more than 70 years of worldwide experience in membrane technology to each application. As a leading international supplier, they provide innovative products, cost-effective solutions, certified quality and responsive technical support.

The consumer’s steadily growing requirements for the quality and the longer shelf life of foods and beverages must be met by the manufacturer. In the food and beverage industries the microbiological and hygienic quality including the biological stability of the products are important criteria for their assessment. The reason: just a few microbes are often all it takes to spoil large quantities of a production run.

The Sartorius Stedim Biotech Combisart® system enables you to select the optimal hardware and consumables for your needs in quality assurance. Combisart® features a modular design and field-proven standard accessories to make your choice easier.

At the heart of the Combisart® system is a stainless steel manifold designed to accommodate all types of filter holders and funnels such as:

  • Ready-to-use units, including Microsart® @filter and Microsart® funnel 100 & 250
  • Flammable units such as stainless steel funnels for colony counting
  • Autoclavable polycarbonate and glass filter holders

A special feature of the Combisart® manifold is that each filter unit can be individually vented. This rules out secondary contamination of the underside of the filter.

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