Centrifuges for the lab

Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers a comprehensive line of centrifuges for laboratoriesSartorius Stedim Biotech offers a comprehensive line of centrifuges ranging from small centrifuges for reaction vials to floor-standing models with a capacity of 12l. Depending on the application, uncooled and cooled centrifuges are available. All centrifuges are simple to operate and feature an imbalance switch and a brushless drive or induction drive for reduced maintenance. Running speeds may be entered as rpm or g-force values.

Microcentrifuges are used for the sedimentation of sensitive materials in microtubes, microbiological research, biochemistry and micro-haematocrit centrifugations. Microcentrifuges have a short spin function and are low in noise. The unit tracks and displays the time spent for this run. This makes it easy to treat several samples the same way. The soft-start and soft-stop mode helps to avoid the mixing of the sediment.

Large-volume centrifuges have an automatic rotor recognition that prevents the rotor from overspeeding. In addition, these centrifuges can calculate g-forces from rpm values and vice versa.  As an option, programming makes it possible to define and store individual centrifuge runs.

PCR tubes or strips may be spun in the centrifuges. For special applications such as oil analysis, heated centrifuges can be supplied. All centrifuges comply with the relevant EC regulations and are CE marked.  Refrigerated units are CFC-free.

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