Buchi Reveleris PREP system

Buchi Reveleris PREP system

The Buchi Reveleris PREP system enables the chemist to see previously missed components and impurities

The Buchi Reveleris PREP chromatography system is advanced and powerful enough to enable the chemist to see previously missed components and impurities. This system will also provide maximum purity and recovery of target compounds in a minimal amount of time. In addition, the system can help to reduce solvent and waste cost and improve target purities of the analyte. With improved purities before moving to the analytical HPLC step, column wastage and unnecessary repeat of the process becomes a thing of the past.

The Reveleris® PREP is fitted with three UV-detectors and an integrated ELS detector, allowing for synchronized detection from four signals. This helps simplify fraction collection, reduce post purification work and maximises the recovery of target molecules. The built-in, large touch screen display enables simple modification of parameters even while running a method. With no hardware connections the system can easily be switched between Flash and Preparative HPLC modes with a single touch of the screen.

The intuitive capabilities of this system allows for the purification of a broad range of samples with complete control. This includes automatic cartridge and rack identification, automatic valve rinsing and an injection valve for preparative chromatography. It detects chromophores and non-chromophores intuitively, doesn’t feature time-consuming fluidics changes and allows you to maintain custody of your sample.

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