The Biotek Cytation 1: cell imaging multi-mode reader

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

The Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader is the latest addition to our patented line of combination plate readers and imagers. Never before has there been a product with so much value & flexibility, with fantastic features added to the new Gen5 3.03 software.

The Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader can be configured with automated digital microscopy or conventional microplate detection, or both. Magnification from 1.25x to 60x for fluorescence and high contrast brightfield, temperature control to 45°C, CO²/O² gas control and on-board shaking, supports a wide range of whole organism to intracellular imaging, including live cell assays.  This unique, patented design provides quantitative phenotypic cellular information with well-based quantitative data in an affordable, compact system.

The Cytation 1’s multi-mode detection covers a wide range of applications in 6 to 1,536-well microplates with its sensitive filter-based fluorescence, luminescence and monochromator-based UV-VIS absorbance.

Optional hardware features include Dual Reagent Injectors for rapid inject image/ read assays and automation with the BioStack™ microplate stackers or the BioSpa™ Automated Incubator.

The Gen5™ software provides easy, yet powerful:

  • Image capture
  • Plate reading
  • Data and image analysis
  • Reporting

Gen5™ supports:

  • Single colour
  • Multi-colour
  • Montage
  • Time lapse
  • Z-stacking

Automated functions include:

  • Autofocus
  • User-trained autofocus
  • Auto-exposure
  • Auto-LED intensity

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