Very best of ion chromatography

Eco IC

Eco IC

Everybody should be able to benefit from the power of ion chromatography, which is the aim of the Metrohm Eco IC. This new instrument provides the very best of ion chromatography at a very affordable price.

The Eco IC is a sophisticated, high-end instrument that enables straightforward and robust analysis of anions, cations and polar substances. The Eco IC is the preferred solution for users who:

  • Do routine water analysis and need a dedicated solution.
  • Teach ion chromatography in higher education and depend on a simple and robust instrument.
  • Prefer an entry-level instrument at an affordable price, which they can upgrade any time to automate their analyses.

The Eco IC makes these users happy with features that matter most to them:

  • Intuitive, convenient software (MagIC Net) to control their instrument.
  • Smart system monitoring to safeguard robust operation and reproducible results.
  • Readily available system automation for up to 36 samples.
  • Exceptional Swiss quality backed by unique warranties.
  • Proficient on-site service and support by a global team, who speak their native tongue.

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