Air and Climate Quality with HygroGuard

Air and Climate Quality with HygroGuard

The Novasina HygroGuard 30 standard data logger was developed for climate and air quality monitoring of buildings and climate-sensitive production process. It offers versatile, precision measurement and monitoring capabilities.

Unique to the HygroGuard 30’s design is its LAN connectivity and power options (battery, USB and Power over Ethernet). This data logger offers both network and standalone capabilities. A compact and intuitive design enables ease of integration, enabling flexibility, reliability and accuracy. The big display allows easy reading at a glance.

Applications include data centres, climate-sensitive production, museums and warehousing in the food, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors as well as the transportation sector and cold chain monitoring.

A similar instrument version of the HygroGuard 30, the DataLog 30, is able to connect up to 10 external channels/sensors offering the highest flexibility and value for money. Airflow, differential pressure sensors, particle counters and many other types of sensors can be connected.

With SmartGraph3 software integrated into this data logger, gathering of measured data is as simple and intuitive as possible. For advanced laboratory or pharmaceutical applications, compliant software is also available.

The HygroGuard 30 comes with batteries, SmartGraph3 visualisation software and data cable. This new solution from Novasina AG (Switzerland) excels with its versatility for various applications.

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